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Cómo y por qué se creó V-Blissful

In my mid 40's, I began to experience some vaginal issues, one of them being chronic yeast infections, I was miserable for years...

The consensus from the doctors was peri-menopause i.e. hormonal issues. Okay, that’s fine, it’s my hormones. The yeast infections were unbearable and continuous. The OTC creams and treatments just weren't getting the job done and to top it off, I became allergic to them!

It seemed as if nothing was giving me the relief I needed, and believe me I tried everything...out of an agonizing need, I created something with all natural ingredients and it works!

Finalmente pude sentirme "normal" de nuevo, fue un gran alivio y quiero compartirlo con cualquier mujer que se sienta de la misma manera ...

V-Blissful Calmante Solución ha sido un cambio de vida para mí, y espero que haga lo mismo para ti.

Como puede ver, hemos crecido, ahora ofrecemos "soluciones" homeopáticas para hombres y mujeres que luchan con estos problemas ...